Saturday, June 16, 2007

Welcome To Missing Minorites

This blog was created due to an idea by another sister (ExpatJane) on . Too many times has a minority gone missing and the media has refused or neglected to inform the masses -- whereas if it were a missing white person (especially an attractive white woman), there would often be next day coverage. She had this wonderful idea, and I was going to post it on my other blog, but I felt that it needed a blog of it's own (another of her ideas).

This blog will focus on missing minority women, men and children as we come across the news of their absences.


Direct of Research said...

Hello, my name is Wm Warr from Hyperlogic Technologies. I sent a comment earlier today in reference to assistance locating Stepha Henry. I created a new loacting technology that I believe will help locate our missing loved ones. I believe it just great that you have posted this blogg. My wife and I discovered it today and were very impressed. Please keep up the great work. As for me, I will do what I have always done and that is use whatever info I can get to help bring the missing home. In Ms. Henry's case I have obtained some results that may be of some help. When I inputted the data from you blogg, we came up with locations along the coast of Florida. Panama City, Perry, Tallahassee. Venice, Tampa and northern Ft. Lauderdale. These areas are processed for search from those cities mentioned to the coast. I have a pam with even more details that I mentioned however, I am not sure as to what is the best email to send it to. I hope that my info will be of some help. my email is;

ExpatJane said...

Well, as I posted in another one of your comments we get the info from news, missing persons sites or word of mouth.

The best contact is probably the family and, I'm sure, the authorities would put you in touch with them.

Here is the link where I responded initially: